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Step 1

Share your interesting videos on Malaysian roads with us

Just upload the footage to Google Drive or WeTransfer and share to our email address.

Step 2

Video Evaluation

We look for certain types of footage, primarily for road safety awareness or for entertainment (out of the ordinary events).

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Step 3

Get RM 10 for ‘accepted’ videos

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Welcome Malaysian Dash Cam Owners

Thank you for visiting. Malaysian Dash Cam Owners aims to collect video footage of a wide range of driving-related situations, which we intend to publish and share on social media.

We are interested in publishing videos which could range from motor vehicle crashes, near misses, bad or unsafe driving or even videos of something unusual or entertaining.

We hope to collect as much footage as possible in order to create discussions and spread awareness among road users in Malaysia.

We are just getting started and need your dash cam videos

Have you recorded something of interest using your cars dashboard camera recently?

We are interested in publishing videos of the following situations you may have witnessed

Road Safety Footage

Entertainment Footage

Car Crashes / Near Miss

Bad Driving

Dangerous Driving

Road Rage Incidents

Funny or Amusing Road Footage

Strange Vehicles On The Road

Interesting Things Seen While Driving

Footage We Do Not Publish

We do not publish videos containing graphic serious injury


Do you have a dash cam video we will accept?

 If so, you can proceed to submit your video by clicking the link below

As Seen On TV1 (SPM) / Berita RTM